Journeys Podcast

We think most folks know our story, our origins in Cedar Run, Al Wilson moving back home to Dublin, Va, thus beginning our new band in 2008, King Street Bluegrass. Playing on the street, watching the Alexandria canines, and other scenery, while they listened to our music in Freddi's Alley, across from the Fish Market. Meeting our friends who would busk and jam with us on the street, soon becoming well known as their own bands, most notably Roger Hart's Alpha Dog Blues, and Split String Soup. Friends who served in Afghanistan, then returned to us safely. Friends who moved away and are always cherished. Friends who helped us save the Rosecroft Cats, later helping us pay back the cost of the rescue. Friends for whom we played a tune by their bedside, some recovering, some not. Friends who stand for preserving our environment. Kids who became turned onto Bluegrass and Old Time Music out of the experience playing with us. Friends in Church. Friends with Bikes and Tattoos.
Now we start a new chapter. Our own webpage and blog. Robert will write most eloquently and I'm certain all the band members will have something to remember, and something to say.

Thank you and welcome to our journey. We have as a special present an older recording of our original lineup, with Freddi, Dave, Robert and I

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